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Brahmatal trek A Perfect Detailed Guide


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Brahmatal Trek is considered as the all in one package among a long list of touring destinations across the country. Stretching to a breadth of 24 Km, the Brahmatal journey exposes you to some of the most magnificent Himalayan peaks similar to Mt Chaukhamba, Mt Neelkanth, and Mt Hathi Ghoda among others.

The diversified beauty of this journey, from noble mountains to snow- laden trails, high- altitude serene lakes, and lush green forests, makes Brahmatal relatively mesmerising.

nevertheless, also you ’d find this place indeed more compelling, If you’re one of those people who love to pose for the gram. 

Brahmatal the snow trek 

The cornucopia of snow makes all the moments that you spend then Insta- good and you ’d feel a strong appetite to capture all of them. For all snow fanatics who love to see sun shafts illuminating the ivory face, layoffs are the stylish time to do the Brahmatal Trek, more specifically the months of October, November, December, and January.

The 6- Day 5- night journey starts from Lohajung, which is about 300 km down from Dehradun. After a late stay followed by regale at Lohajung, we will prepare for our trip ahead the coming morning.

In this Brahmatal journey package, we make sure that the balance between fun and adventure is always maintained and hence our journey leader gives a briefing session at the launch of every day. After which,We will begin our lift towards the peak and will be rewarded by the scenic views of Kail Valley. By the time dusk starts to fall, we ’d have reached our last stop for the day which is nestled calmly among the oak trees. We’ll set up camp at Bekaltal lake and retire to bed for the night.

Reach Brahmatal lake 

The coming morning, we will do towards Brahmatal lake which will take us nearly 5 hours after which we will settle down to take a breath and set up camp at Brahamtal lake where we will have regale while the denisof Nainital and Almora peep at us from the background.

Eventually, the day when we journey towards the Brahmatal peak and get to enjoy the most stunning view of the Himalayan peaks of the Garhwal region like Mt.Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti.We’ll set up camp at the peak and spend a night under the starry skies, girdled by mountains before eventually descending to Lohajung, concluding our journey with regale and late stay at Lohajung. The day after our morning tea, we will drive towards Rishikesh and part ways with some fond recollections and a smile on our faces.

Solo trippers, first- timekeepers, as well as educated pedestrians, prefer and love Brahmatal for the sheer content it instills in your heart this is why you should do the Brahmatal journey and why it remains one of the stylish downtime treks to do in India.

Brahmatal Trek difficulty

The difficulty position is considered to be easy to moderate. It’s a perfect blend of easy and gruelling trails. This journey is veritably notorious when it comes tobeginners.However, Brahmatal journey acts as your perfect go- to option, If you want to witness a downtime Himalayan journey for the first time. It’s Naturally drafted in such a way that a freshman in the Himalayas would noway lose their way.


  • One of a many downtime treks, with 2 Glacier Lake just at an altitude of 3180 metres, with the entire trail in snow in peak downtime.
  • Catch the casts of magnific Himalayan Ranges.Mt. Trishul which is nearly allocated with the views of Nanda Ghunti at each step of Brahmatal journey.
  • The trail offers a peep into the Skeleton Lake, The Roopkund from Brahmatal Ridge.
  • Get ready to know further about the history of Lord Brahma, planning at Brahmatal Lake in a small city of Lohajung.

safety in the journey

  • Whenever you’re going for any journey, it’s veritably important that you go fully fit and ready.
  • The journey isn’t delicate, if you make your bases and your mind calm and strong, you’ll find the journey veritably easy.
  • While touring, keep in mind that you’re walking on the right route or not always with your companion.
  • Utmost people look nearly and where they’re walking, this can beget shuddering in your legs, which can ruin your entire journey.
  • It’s important to ask your croaker

If you have any medical problems

  • You should always keep my medical tackle with me, it’s veritably important.
  • We always keep a medical tackle with you, similar as oxygen cylinders, drug to be given in exigency on the journey
  • Still, also they’re brought back to the base camp by laying them in the stretcher, If any pedestrians have any further problems.
  • Our camp in Brahmatal journey is around the tree line where you can’t have any problem of oxygen

In case of any medical problem, the help of your companion or a well- informed pedestrians should be taken

still, also Nearest Hospital is in Karanparyag, or Rishikesh/ Dehradun which is about 9/10 hours down from Brahmatal journey, If there’s major health problems in Brahmatal journey.


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