6 Best Windows Ideas to Suit Every Room

6 Best Windows Ideas to Suit Every Room

Windows can be every bit as beautiful as the rest of the room. You only need to know how to dress them properly. There are numerous window treatment ideas to choose from, including shutters, shades, and curtains.

Although, each of them has its pros and cons in terms of blocking light, privacy, and adding aesthetic value to the interiors of your room. Some options keep the room private and dark while others are more for appearance. 

List of 6 Best Windows Ideas to Suit Every Room

Here are the 6 best window treatment ideas for all your home windows and suit every room: 

· Add light-filtering curtains

Light-filtering curtains offer a good amount of privacy, yet if some light is reflecting through them then there may be some visibility on the other side. These curtains won’t make your space fully darken from natural light.

These types of the curtain are ideal for those who need some nighttime privacy in their rooms and are versatile for different design styles. 

· Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are generally composed of heavy fabric with another decorative fabric lined that helps to keep light away from your room as they possess the best light-blocking power. They are perfect to make your bedrooms dark even in the daytime. 

· Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are often seen on tall windows and sliding doors. Being made out of PVC, they’re not highly decorative but get the job done in terms of light blocking and privacy when closed. Additionally, they do even not collect as much dust inside as horizontal blinds. 

· Curtains on a double rod

Hanging curtains on a double rod offers versatility and look more decorative for your interiors. You can simply hang two types of curtain material for both rods that help to allow light to pass through them while still maintaining the privacy of your room.

This window treatment idea works well in bedrooms as well as living areas. It could be even beneficial for your office use. 

· Curtains with rings

Another option to add some more glimpses to your living areas and dining halls is to go for curtains with rings. These rings slide around the rod and small clips are a great option to decorate your room with curtains. 

· Floor-to-ceiling curtains

You don’t necessarily require floor-to-ceiling curtains unless you have huge windows from floor-to-ceiling to add some privacy and block light to your space. However, such curtains can be often used from a design standpoint to add some dramatic look to your room.

They are ideal for the glass door and are excellent for framing a wonderful view out of the window as well. 


Curtains are the most common addition to your home’s interior and they are primarily used to protect your home’s privacy. They also keep the home warm during the winters and the coolest place during the summers.You can use the curtains in contrast shades of the color of your walls or some colorful paintings by  famous artist  Ivan Shishkin  and other famous artist like  Goya famous artwork and also make your room’s wall looks beautiful by adding some wall accents such as photo frames, wall shelves, wall art, and showpieces into it.


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