How do girls choose clothes in winter?

It is a girl’s nature to love beauty, but in winter, in such a cold season, many beautiful clothes that show your body can’t be worn, so in winter, can you only wrap yourself into a spherical shape with a thick down jacket?

Below, the editor simply shares with you how to choose clothes for girls in winter.


Long cotton clothing.

Since the release of the Korean drama Pinocchio last year, the long black padded jacket worn by the heroine has become a popular style. It is not only warm, but also has a little Korean style. Small girls can also try it. You can also view at look fantastic discount code NHS

Thick long sweater coat.

This kind of sweater jacket is best to choose a thicker version, which can be matched with fleece clothes. The trousers can be worn with wide-leg pants or pencil pants. It is very beautiful with a large scarf, but it is not recommended. Wear in late winter.

Woolen coat.

For woolen coats, many people think that they are too thin and not suitable for wearing when it is too cold. In fact, this is not the case. We only need to wear warmer clothes inside and a woolen coat outside.       


Thicker leggings are a must-have for many girls in winter, whether they are worn under pencil pants or in skirts or shorts.

Wide leg pants.

Wide-leg pants are the most popular retro pants this year. They don’t look fat, and it is difficult to see even a pair of pants inside.

pencil pants.

The trousers here can be velvet, but don’t wear them when wearing boots, because it is easy to go up, which is uncomfortable and not beautiful.


When matching a sweater with a woolen coat, you should choose a closed version, and when matching with a cotton coat, you can choose a large and loose style.

Sweater dress.

Sweater dresses can be a little longer than ordinary sweaters, can be worn with leggings, and are very casual in cotton clothes.

Fleece top.

This type of top is suitable for a wide range, whether it is a sweater coat, a cotton coat, or a woolen coat.

How to collect winter clothes

The weather is getting hotter and summer is getting closer, and a large number of winter clothes should be collected again. Common clothes are made of four kinds of materials, wool knitting, cotton, woolen, and chemical fibers. Let’s see how to classify and collect winter clothes? Buyers also visit at h&m discount code NHS


  1. First of all, in order to avoid mold, you should be optimistic about the weather before storing clothes. If the weather is sunny in the next few days, choose the weather, and then clean the cotton clothes, dry them well, and store them properly.
  2. The clothes that most need to prevent insect bites are the clothes such as woolen knitted sweaters, which cannot be washed with hot water, which will deform the clothes! Wash with water at human body temperature, gently scrub, and then manually spin dry, avoid washing machine drying, especially good wool sweaters.


  • Do not put mothballs on chemical fiber clothes and light-colored clothes, which will easily damage and stain the clothes.

How to make clothes dry quickly in winter

How to make clothes dry quickly in winter? When the weather is cold in winter, the most troublesome thing is that the washed clothes are not dry, which affects the wearing. How can we make the clothes dry quickly in winter? You can also check the offers at shein discount code NHS


Use the refrigerator to dry clothes quickly in winter

Put the wet clothes in the refrigerator for a few hours, and then take them out after freezing, so that they will dry easily, but this method is not recommended, because the clothes produced by this method will be dry after drying. Lots of creases, unless ironed out, but probably not as good. action camera flashlight

Use a towel or bath towel to dry clothes quickly in winter

First spread the towel or bath towel in a flat space, then put the wet clothes on the towel or bath towel, lay it out neatly, then roll up the bath towel, twist the bath towel hard, and replace it when it is wet. It is more suitable to use when staying in a hotel or hotel, but it is not recommended for underwear, and it is also necessary to consider whether the hotel or hotel is clean.

Use the heater to dry clothes in winter

Heating can include floor heating, air conditioners, heaters, radiators, etc. We often use air conditioners. Put the dehydrated clothes under the air vents of the air conditioners. Generally, it can be done almost in one night. Another advantage of this method is that , Wet clothes will generate a lot of moisture under the evaporation of hot air from the air conditioner, increasing the indoor humidity.

Use a fan to dry clothes quickly in winter

This can only be used in the living room or balcony. It can only be blown against the clothes in winter with a fan. It may take a day or two to dry outside, and there will be a moist and cool feeling. Then take it into the air-conditioned room and dry it for half an hour. It’s almost dry and ready to wear.

Use a hair dryer to dry clothes in winter

For anyone, underwear should be changed every day, but the weather is cold, and the washed underwear may take a week or two to dry. For such small clothes, a hair dryer will come in handy. Do not blow the blower at people, and keep the distance from the clothes at least ten centimeters. If you want to dry faster, turn on hot air, and turn on cold air if you want to dry faster. Pay attention to hygiene.

Use an iron to dry clothes in winter

Using an iron can only be useful for small clothes. Castor silk, mulberry silk and other high-grade fabrics cannot be ironed, velvet, velvet, down jackets cannot be ironed, and leather clothes cannot be ironed, so it is used to iron underwear or something. It’s still possible. Be careful to use, do not open the large gear, so as not to burn. Check 90s fashion

Use a home dryer to dry clothes quickly in winter

This is a little different from the drying function of the washing machine. It can only be used to dry clothes alone, and it is relatively small, and its appearance is the same as that of a small wardrobe. There is a big difference in price, ranging from dozens to hundreds or thousands. One is the use of materials, and the other is to consider safety. Therefore, it is recommended to buy products produced by regular manufacturers. Now, you can search and buy in the online store.


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